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Ben Franklin Tour

Philadelphia History Tour

Quick Details

Availability: Saturdays

Duration: 2 hours

Start Time: 10 a.m.

Start & End Location: Philly Tour Hub, 229 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA, 19106

Tour Group Size: 15 people maximum per guide

Inclusions: None

Exclusions: Personal shopping, additional food, drink, and gratuity

Child under 6

Ben Franklin Tour In Philadelphia

Ben Franklin is back and he is going to completely alter your perspective on history! Discover Young Franklin’s stomping grounds as he tells you an inspiring tale of his meager beginnings and fantastic rise! From his print shop to his home and throughout Independence National Park and Old City, you’re sure to leave the tour Enlightened!

Franklin’s Philadelphia Tour Highlights

  • Meet your guide, Young Ben Franklin, a 30-year old printer. Learn from the man famous for both his deeds and his writings.
  • Try not to smile as Young Franklin raps about how awesome he is in his early life in Boston and Philadelphia. And he’s got the swag to prove it!
  • Discover the neighborhood that was the setting for Ben Franklin’s rise, and the creation of our nation.
  • Become “Enlightened” as Ben provides pearls of wisdom on human nature and its impact on our cherished fundamental values that created our nation.

General Itinerary

Meet Ben Franklin! Begin your tour with background information about Ben’s story. Then, you set off on your tour through Ben Franklin’s Philadelphia.

You and Young Ben start your journey at the Betsy Ross House. Here, he delivers the true story behind the Betsy Ross myth to identify a truism of human nature: people love a good story regardless of the facts.

Discover some of Philadelphia’s incredible public art, like a modern sculpture honoring Ben entitled “Keys to the Community.” There, you hear about Franklin’s humble beginnings as a printer’s apprentice. Nod your head as he delivers a vicious verse about his early childhood in Boston in a freestyle rap.

Next, head to the Quakers’ Arch Street Meeting House – the largest Quaker Meeting House in the United States! Here, you hear about the influence of the Quakers on Franklin’s early life.

Then, get ready for Young Ben to bust some more rhymes at the Franklin Print Shop as he raps about his hustle and grind to the top of Philadelphia’s social and political community – all before the age of 42! Enter the Franklin Courtyard – Franklin’s Philadelphia home – and take notes on Ben’s step-by-step guide to how he became successful in business and used its influence to create civic-minded projects in the city including establishing a public-street cleaning system, public-lending library, and volunteer firefighting company.

Clap your hands to the beat as Young Ben weathers another electrifying verse elaborating on his scientific ventures and exploits.

Then, your group bands together and marches with Young Ben onto Independence National Historical Park and to Carpenter’s Hall. There, hear about the true economic and political reasons for the rebellion with the British. Be ready to be stunned as Philly’s adopted son addresses Boston’s claim as the early leader in the revolution. Stand in front of the birthplace of our nation, Independence Hall, and discover the debates and documents crafted by the Founders which ignited a Revolution and changed the world.

You then visit other sites in Independence National Park, get to see the famed Liberty Bell (from outside the pavilion), and walk through the site of the original President’s House, while making your way to your final stop of the tour – Ben Franklin’s Grave at Christ Church Cemetery.

While you’re pondering all of the amazing info you just learned on your tour, your guide is happy to give you recommendations for more Ben Franklin sites throughout Philadelphia, local lunch spots, or answer any questions you may have.



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