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What Are Your Post-COVID-19 Travel Plans? Our Guides’ Top Picks Here

As tour guides, we too love to get out of our respective cities and travel. While many of us have been stuck at home with no tours to lead, we’re getting our guides from various Urban Adventures cities together (online, practicing much physical distancing) to pool each guide’s dream destination(s) once everything turns back to a certain normal. 

Since some of our post-quarantine places include Urban Adventure locations, we’re offering to help you plan your own post-COVID-19 trip! At the end of this list, we’ve included a sample form you can fill out and send in so we can get you set up for your next adventure, with or without a UA tour (but hopefully with, because our tours are incredible)!

Here’s round one of the top destinations for each guide:


a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the cameraHenry (Beer & History Guide): Big East Coast Cities

At the top of Henry’s list are two major east coast cities, New York City and Washington, D.C., with the excellent southern hippie mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina, coming in third. 

We reached out to our NYC manager and tour guide extraordinaire, Astrid, in The Big Apple, to see what sort of trouble Henry can get up to on his visit. Her top three recommendations include:

1) Central Park – whether you are seeking out the various statues, getting lost in The Ramble, or enjoying Shakespeare in the Park, this is a must-do and can repeat every visit. To be a local like Astrid, drop by Barney Greengrass (541 Amsterdam Ave, between 86th and 87th) for some nosh-to-go (bagel sandwiches can be ordered at the counter) and then head over to the 86th Street entrance. And by the way, New York City Urban Adventures’ Greatest Hits tour includes a brief visit to Central Park.

2) The Staten Island Ferry – it’s free and has some of the best views of the Statue of Liberty. Grab a coffee (or a beer) from the onboard cafe and enjoy the 30-minute crossing. Once on the other side, you can check out the Lighthouse Museum (easy walk) and Flagship Brewing, or just turn around and come straight back.

a close up of a piece of paper

3) Brooklyn – the city’s most populous borough is home to so much greatness. From the Dumbo waterfront to historic Prospect Park (Central Park’s little sibling) to Coney Island and beyond, this is the place to visit (And if you love beer, be sure to check out Fourth Avenue along the Park Slope-Gowanus border, where multiple breweries are located in a few blocks, around Union Street). Not to be missed: NYC Urban Adventures’ Lonely Planet Experiences – Neighborhood Eats: Brownstone Brooklyn Tour for foodies or their Brooklyn or their Brewed in Brooklyn Tour.


a woman standing in front of a mirror posing for the cameraJulia (Italian Market, Food Guide): Far-Flung East Experience

Prior to the pandemic, Julia was planning a dream vacation to Sichuan province in China. Her dream itinerary included Chengdu, the culinary capital of the region and arguably the whole country. With some of the most stunning national parks and the Himalayas and the Tibetian culture not far away, hopefully Julia can have her foodie adventure when travel resumes.

If your own travels happen to coincide with Julia’s, let us get you in touch with a local guide at Beijing Urban Adventures.

Don’t just see the Great Wall — have a local guide bring its history and legends to life in a crowd-free experience on their Crowd-free Beijing: Great Wall Experience.

And don’t just eat Chinese food — get to know producers and culinary masters and the ancient culture’s connection with these locally grown / made foods on the Lonely Planet Experiences: Beijing Foodie Walk.


a woman wearing a hat and smiling at the cameraAriel (Italian Market, History, Street Art Guide & Private Bookings Coordinator): Rural Adventures

Ariel is looking for a less-urban setting for her next big adventure. Whether or not her top pick is based on binge-watching the popular Netflix show, the Ozarks will be the perfect escape from Philadelphia and her money-laundering problem. She also hopes to make her way down to Argentina and finally see the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. 

And what does one do after the Grand Canyon? Slots, slots, slots, slots! Grant, our friend and team leader / guide over at Las Vegas Urban Adventures, recommends any first-, second-, or fifteenth-time visitor to watch the Bellagio fountains, see a light show downtown at Fremont Street, and explore St. Mark’s Square at The Venetian. We also tied one hand behind Grant’s back and forced him to pick one Las Vegas Urban Adventures tour to recommend: Las Vegas Casino Games on The Strip: Insider Tips & Tricks. “It’s classic Vegas”, he promises.


a man standing on a beachChuck (Italian Market Guide): Uplifting Experiences All Over

Naturally, our Italian Market Immersion guide is considering just about anywhere in Italy for his next trip. Additionally, he’d like to make a stop in Amsterdam, then — as one does after a few cafe visits there — fly direct to Denver, Colorado, to connect with the Urban Adventures team there.

Bike culture is huge in The Netherlands capital, and if you’re weary of going out on your own and want a little more depth on the beautiful Venice of the North’s history, architecture, and food, consider going with one of the local guides on Urban Adventures’ Lonely Planet Experiences: In the City of Bikes Tour or the all-inclusive Total Amsterdam Discovery: Bike and Food Tour.

But if you truly want to visit the best city in the United States (Hey, who wrote this blog article?), Denver has got the entire urban-to-rural scene covered, from imaginative street murals in a brew-happy art district to the breathtaking (literally, at 11,000 to 14,000 feet up) alpine slopes of the country’s greatest mountain range. Check out some tour options on the Denver Urban Adventures site and follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@UrbanDenver) for up-to-date recommendations.

a close up of a piece of paper


Howard (History Guide): ?

Howard will go anywhere. As long as “anywhere” is not his kitchen or living room.


Trust the Locals with your Post-Covid Travel

Have questions about your next trip? Not even sure where to go? Not a problem — that’s where we can call on our local experts to help you. Use the short form below as a starting point. Submit your answers to us via e-mail or Facebook, and we will work to create your unforgettable experience.

  1. Top Dream Destinations (if uncertain, see next question): ______________________________________________________
  2. What interests you the most (e.g., food, shopping, history, nature, beer, music, dancing)? Feel free to list multiple interests: ______________________________________________________
  3. Number of travellers: ___________
  4. Ages / Age range of travellers: ___________
  5. Restrictions (e.g., mobility issues, allergies, budget): ______________________________________________________
  6. Other notes (e.g., safety concerns, LGBT traveller concerns)


We look forward to helping you make your next travel experience the Best. One. Ever.!

*See where you should go next with Travel Channel’s What Bucket List Trip Should You Take? quiz.


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