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Secretly Awesome Skyline Views – Part 1

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Secretly Awesome Skyline Views – Part 1

Our skyline here in Philadelphia is, in our humble opinion, pretty great. It’s not too big (thanks to the William Penn gentleman’s agreement), not too small, and is, for the most part, shiny and new! And since Philly is surrounded mostly by flat terrain, it’s pretty easy to see from a lot of different places. There are a few standards that we all know and love: looking north from Citizen’s Bank Park, looking east along the Schuylkill River, looking east from the Art Museum at the top of the Rocky Steps. But, we’ve got a few in mind that you might not be familiar with, which is just the kind of thing we love – sharing the hidden gems and surprise moments of Philadelphia!

Looking West: Campbell’s Field

If you’re looking for a fun evening activity outside of the hustle-and-bustle of Center City, head over the Ben Franklin Bridge and catch a Riversharks game at Campbell’s Field! A minor or independent league baseball game is a good time no matter what, but Campbell’s Field makes a Camden Riversharks game especially great. The field is situated at the base of the bridge, just a few yards away from the Delaware River and being to the east of the city gives you a particularly magical sunset view. A wide, clear view of Philadelphia from the east is really only visible along the Camden Riverfront and being in Campbell’s Field gives you just enough height to make it incredible. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable activities in the Philly area – lower level seats are only $14! Just remember, the pedestrian walkway on the bridge closes at sundown, so if you’re going to a night game, you’ll have to drive, take the ferry, or take public transit.

Looking West: Ben Franklin Bridge

And speaking of the Ben Franklin Bridge, if you haven’t explored it on foot, you definitely should. This is one of those activities in Philadelphia that few people think you’re allowed do – even locals! But, it’s an easy enough walk to make this accessible to almost anyone. There’s only a bit of an incline and it’s an even 5K roundtrip – a great way to get to and from a day game at Campbell’s Field. Anytime you can get higher up, views are fantastic, and this gives you a totally unique perspective. Not only can you see the skyline from rooftop level, but you get a literal bird’s eye view of Old City, the Race Street Pier, Penn’s Landing (an especially awesome vantage point for the Tall Ships Festival in the spring), the Delaware River itself and of Campbell’s Field. The pedestrian walkway is open sunrise to sunset and only one side is open on a given day (unless there is inclement weather). So, don’t be discouraged if you get there and it looks closed, just cross to the other side (underneath I-76) and you should be good to go!


Looking North: Palumbo Playground

If you’re thinking of a skyline view from South Philly, you’re probably thinking of being somewhere in the Sports Complex or along I-95. Most of South Philly is pretty built up, so it’s tricky to get a good view of the skyline, just a few short miles to the north. One place that you actually can spot William Penn on the top of City Hall is from Palumbo Playground at 9th and Catherine in the Bella Vista neighborhood. This spot is actually a large field with, yes, a playground in one corner, but it’s large enough and close enough to Center City that you can see the skyline – and from a totally different vantage point! Most of the skyscrapers blend together, leaving our boy Billy standing out to the east. It’s a particularly poignant sight in one of the neighborhoods most feverish for the Curse of Billy Penn to be over and done with. E-A-G-L-E-S – Eagles!

Palumbo Playground Bonus View: you can see the mural Winter: Crystal Snowscape by David Guinn, sponsored by the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, on the other side of the park, behind the homeplate fence.

Check back with us next week for Part 2 – and more incredible views!

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