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Philadelphia by Bikeshare

Markets, Mosaics, and Magic Image 3

Philadelphia by Bikeshare

Enjoying Spring in the City with Philly’s Indego Bikeshare

Don’t get us wrong, we love guided tours (it’s kind of our thing). As experts in showing people around, we know that thebest Philly tours only whet your appetite to cover more ground and experience places you’ve seen in more depth. In situations like this, it’s great to have yet another way to hop around town, namely, the Indego bikeshare system. Celebrating it’s 1-year anniversary in April 2016, many of the system’s 72 stations are great starting points for some self-guided exploring. Here are some easy rides you can make from our nearest Indego station at 2nd and Market streets.

1. Eastern State Penitentiary



No, we’re not sending you to jail. ESP is a unique experience: an opportunity to explore the crumbling ruins of a historic prison that once hosted many famous inmates – Al Capone’s cell is especially entrancing. The main way to see the penitentiary is a self-guided, audio tour, so you’ve got plenty of time to explore!

Where to park your bike: 20th and Fairmount Station

2. Northern Liberties

Photo by K. Leblang for Philly Tour Hub

This nightlife and dining hot spot is increasingly well known to local foodies, but not an obvious stop for tourists just getting to know Philadelphia. Indego makes an afternoon or evening jaunt a breeze, allowing you to take craft beers and bowling at North Bowl, a stroll through the newer construction of Liberty Walk and the Piazza, hear live jazz at Heritage, or a grab a refreshing boozy milkshake at PYT.

Where to park your bike: 2nd and Germantown or Spring Garden MFL stations

3. Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology



This treasure trove of ancient Egyptian, Etruscan, and other cultural artifacts isn’t always a top pick, given its out-of-the-way location at the southern end of the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, but this is a great stop! The museum has a more intimate feel than some of the major museums in Center City, so if you’re looking for some ancient history without the crowds – this is for you!

Where to park your bike: University City Station

4. Spruce Street Harbor Park


The city’s smashingly successful pop-up park at Penn’s Landing is abuzz with activity day and night. Arriving by bike means you can spend a little longer napping in a hammock, playing giant chess, or drinking beer on a barge on the Delaware River. The vibe totally changes from day to evening to night, so come back a few times or plan to spend awhile here! The twinkle lights in the trees are a favorite of ours – a great place to take a date or the family!

Where to park your bike: Foglietta Plaza Station

5. South Philadelphia

Photo by K. Leblang for Philly Tour Hub

Many visitors skip the pilgrimage to Pat’s and Geno’s steaks or the dozens of more sophisticated high-end dining options along East Passyunk Avenue, because this cozy corner of the city feels out of the way. Indego reminds us that it’s really just a quick 15 minute peddle to this gastronomic gateway. Ditch the bike at 11th and Wharton, walk over to 9th, eat your way down the avenue, check out some of the eclectic shops, see a whole different set of murals, and then cab it back.

Where to park your bike: 11th and Wharton Station

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