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Enjoy Fall in Philly, Indoor & Out


The weather in Philadelphia is unpredictable in October and November. One day it’s 80 degrees, slightly humid and sunny, and the next day it’s a high of 47, slightly drizzling with a Seattle sky. But we’re a city prepared (except sometimes with the snowplow in January), and you absolutely won’t miss out whether it’s too windy, rainy, freezy, or otherwise.

Here are our favorite picks for those unpredictable days.


Outdoor Art

Urban Adventures Philadelphia is proud partners of Mural Arts Philadelphia, an organization dedicated to bringing life to our otherwise colorless, bland building facades all over the city. 

Since its beginnings in 1984 as a solution to graffiti and part of the mayor’s campaign to address blight in the city, the program has been responsible for well over 3,000 murals all over the city, often bringing communities together to collaborate and educating and inspiring young artists to realize their visions and express their creativity. 

One mural special to us is not far from our Delaware River waterfront office and one that was responsible for giving the chance to graffiti artists to turn their work into something more meaningful, something larger than life: “History of Immigration” was completed in 1993 with the help of 20 artists over the course of a year. The impressive mural is a collage of the many cultures that make up our nation, including portraits of significant civil rights leaders.

Peace is a Haiku Song | Credit: Mural Arts Philadelphia

Among our other favorites is the gorgeously colorful “Peace is a Haiku” mural on the 1400 block of Christian Street. The mural celebrates Philly’s first poet laureate Sonia Sanchez, an activist for peace, and depicts three youths, reminding us that the actions we take need to ensure a peaceful world for generations to come.

We could gush on about all of our favorite murals that reach far and wide in Philly, but you can explore them yourself by using the Mural Arts Map or, better yet, join one of their tours, including the Mural Mile Walking Tour and the Love Letter Train Tour.

If the weather outside’s too frightful, you can still get your art fill at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, an oft-overlooked art museum and school partially set in an opulent Victorian Gothic jewel-box of a building and which showcases artists that truly innovate and deviate from traditional art. 

An honorable mention is Cherry Street Pier, where you can chat with our favorite artist-in-residence, Carla J. Fisher, who is daily hard at work on her beautiful art pieces using everything from thread to spent Keurig cups. Often inspired by nature, the result is astounding.

Take THAT Mrs. Conner! by Carla J. Fisher


Music, Comedy, & Theater (Indoors)

The time for Philly’s outdoor festivals and concerts is coming to an end, but that just means that indoor recitals, concerts, and events are upon us! Among our absolute favorites is the Curtis Institute of Music recitals, and to this day we still can’t believe that the Institute offers free-of-charge student recitals throughout the winter. Plan your evening to have a lovely evening dinner at one of Rittenhouse Square’s excellent restaurants, and then walk over to Curtis to hear these incredibly talented students perform everything from Bach to Yuferov. (Okay, we’re not totally in tune with the latter, but every single performance is well worth the visit.)

If you need something less serious than a Stradavarius, Philly is a goldmine for comedy. You can get in on free comedy (Laughs at MilkBoy on South and Tattoed Momedy at Tattoed Mom), cheap-yet-worthwhile comedy (Good Good Comedy), and headliner shows that feature both the best of Philly and acts that have made it to the big time (Punch Line Philly and Helium Comedy Club).

Eclectic, funky, a bit grungy, but a great place for drinks and comedy | Credit: Tattoed Mom

Shameless Plugs – Seasonal UA Tours (Outdoor & In)

Yes, it’s bias, but we really do have the best. guides. ever., with whom you can enjoy a heated van and the sights, smells, and tastes of Philadelphia. Our newest tour, Museums on the Run, even includes admission into (heated) museums, such as the world-renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Museum of the American Revolution and its incredible artefacts and displays of the war for independence, and the ever-favorite of locals and visitors alike, The Franklin Institute. 

You can also still enjoy the countryside by visiting Valley Forge, Lancaster & Amish Country, and the beautiful Brandywine Valley with its incredible art museum and the astonishing estates of Winterthur mansion and garden. 

Lastly — and promise it’s the last plug — is the UA Center City Holiday Tour. Following Thanksgiving and until the end of the year, we take our travellers to the best and most festive spots in downtown Philly: think electric light shows, holiday markets, and an included treat to top it off. 

Shopping at Philly’s Christmas Market on our Center City Holiday Tour

Whether you’re on tour with us, Mural Arts Philadelphia, or out and about on your own, there’s no shortage of things to do in this year-round city.

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