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Our Guides Favorite Murals

Guide Picks: Our Favorite Murals

As April is beginning, we’re looking forward to many things: the reopening of several of Philly’s excellent beer gardens, generally warmer weather, the beginning of our Spring Festival Season, and especially, the one-year anniversary of our Mural Segway Tour. We’re so proud of the hard work our guides and staff have put in over the last year to make this tour a very special addition to Philadelphia – and ever thankful for this special partnership with Philadelphia Mural Arts.

To mark this awesome occasion, we asked our guides to tell us which of the thousands of murals are their favorites. We hope you enjoy our selections – and tag your favorite mural pictures with #localsknow on Instagram – we’re always looking for great, local content to share! Happy April!

Ariel: “Crystal Snowscape”

“I love getting to look at it up way up close and then from far across the athletic field. It melts right into the neighborhood and it’s been my fave for a long time.”

Artist: David Guinn   |   Installed: 1999, restored in 2005   |   Find It: 10th and Bainbridge Streets

Chris: “The Roots”

“They give us civic pride and are proof that rap is still an art form.”

Artist: Amber Art   |   Installed: 2013   |   Find It: Broad and South Streets

Chuck: “Philadelphia Muses”

“Just look at it! Pretty magical!”

Artist: Meg Saligman   |   Installed: 1999   |   Find It: 12th and Locust Streets

Lee: “Columbia Bridge in Summer”

“I’m keen on this one because it’s reassuring to know you can escape at any time by any means.”

Artist: Patrick Conner, Brian Senft   |   Installed: 2011   |   Find It: 4th and Morris Streets

Owen: “Common Threads”

“When I make the turn [in our Awfully Nice Van] from Spring Garden to Broad Street to reveal this piece, the guest reactions go from surprise and fascination to child-like joy. There never seems to be any holding back. The subject seems spontaneous and timeless and never fails to draw an immediate, positive response.When art scholars talk about this piece they use terms such as shared humanity, classical aesthetics and other stuff I need a dictionary for.


I just know that my guests enjoy it for the first time and I enjoy it for the umteenth time.”

Artist: Meg Saligman   |   Installed: 1998   |   Find It: Broad and Spring Garden

Kendra: “Girl Scouts”

“Not only is this mural so eye-catching and beautiful, but my whole family is involved in scouting, especially my grandma, and I always think of her and my mom when I drive by this mural. It helps me feel connected to my family even though I live so far away from them. Plus, Girl Scouts are awesome!”

Artist: Michelle Angela Ortiz   |   Installed: 2007   |   Find It: Broad and Callowhill

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