Segway Mural Arts Tour

2-Hour Segway Tour

Segway Mural Arts Tour
 Tour Information
2 hours (plus 30 minutes registration and training)
Start Time
Start and End Location
Philly Tour Hub, 229 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA, 19106
$85 per person
Tour Group Size 8 people maximum per guide
Inclusions Photos will be taken throughout the tour by your guide. You will receive these photos free of charge via email within 24 - 48hrs of your tour.
All riders must wear a helmet (provided by Philly by Segway).

All riders must bring valid identification.

All riders must read and sign a waiver of liability.

All riders must complete Segway training to their guide's satisfaction.
Segway riders must be 12-years-old or older. If a rider is under 18, they must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or responsible adult who can sign the waiver form.

Riders must weigh between 100lbs - 300lbs.

Philly by Segway reserves the right to decline a tour to anyone. It is imperative that riders follow guide instructions for their safety and the safety of the group.
 General Itinerary

Experience the best of Philadelphia’s murals in a unique and exciting way. Enjoy the ride on a Segway, as your local guide takes you into the back streets of some of Philly’s most artistic neighborhoods. Learn about the history and legacy of the Mural Arts Program, and view over 20 murals throughout your one-of-a-kind Segway tour.

You’ll begin your journey in Old City. You’ll head north from here, into some of the most eclectic and exciting neighborhoods in Philly, and known best by locals. Throughout the tour you’ll learn about the history of the Mural Arts organization, and about how these murals were produced.  Some of these murals are tucked away along side streets, and designed by skilled artists with the local communities. Your guide will point out some fantastic hidden gems, along with more than 20 diverse and dynamic murals.   

As you work your way from Old City to Northern Liberties, you’ll discover your first mural of the tour in a place you’d least expect. As you work your way through the neighborhood, you’ll be treated to murals with an amazing variety of colors, styles, and themes. As an added bonus, occasionally you’ll have a chance to step off the Segway for a closer look.  

You’ll then earn a well-deserved break at a local coffee shop, café, or sandwich shop for a quick stretch of the legs. As you continue your trek through Northern Liberties, and then into the Spring Garden (“Loft District”) area, you’ll pass by some of the best pubs, restaurants, and music venues in Philly. Your guide will be happy to make recommendations to his/her favorites. Murals will appear in the most unexpected places, and you’ll learn why each is special to the city.

After an exciting ride through Chinatown and a great look at that neighborhood’s murals, you’ll make your way back to Old City. Your guide will lead you back to the Philly Tour Hub, and you’ll immediately begin the discussion about which mural was your favorite on the tour. We’ll send your pictures within days of your Segway mural experience, and you’ll have a great chance to share with family and friends.

We make safety a high priority on your adventure, and we know you'll return with a much greater appreciate of the City by the end of your exciting Philadelphia Segway tour.

Frequently Asked Questions - Philadelphia Segway Mural Arts Tour
 Why should I choose the Philly Tour Hub and Philly by Segway?

The Philly Tour Hub is a unique, boutique tour company based in Old City, Philadelphia. Offering public tours, private tours, driving tours, walking tours, Segway tours, group scavenger hunts, the Philly Tour Hub is has the widest variety of tours in Philadelphia.

Philly by Segway is our Segway tour brand, taking groups on Segway tours throughout Center City, Philadelphia. We offer 4 routes, each showing a different side of the City of Brotherly Love. Philly by Segway is our newest tour brand, acquired over 3 years ago. We are proud to say that our tours are consistently ranked at the top of the list on TripAdvisor.

 Are there any restrictions or requirements for Segway riders?
Our only restrictions are that all riders must be 12-years-old or older and weigh between 100 - 300lbs. Riders under 18-years-old must have a parent, guardian, or responsible adult with them to sign our Liability Waiver.

We highly suggest that you wear closed-toed, comfortable shoes. Sneakers or athletic shoes are preferred. You will be standing for the duration of your tour.

 I've never ridden a Segway before! Will I be okay?
Absolutely! Most of our riders are first-timers, so you'll be just fine. Our guides are incredibly patient and will take their time training you to make sure that you're feeling confident and secure before you head out on the road.
 When should I arrive? What is training like?

You can arrive at your scheduled tour time or just a few minutes before (ie. if you're on the 9:30am tour, you can arrive between 9:20 - 9:30am). After signing a waiver of liability, you will watch a short training video, followed by one-on-one instruction with your guide. Helmets and radios are provided for free, as are pictures taken by your guide throughout the tour. 

Training usually takes 30 minutes and then you will start your 1-hour or 2-hour Segway tour. Please allow for this extra time when planning other activities or travel around your Philly by Segway tour.

 What will my guide be like?
All of our guides are excellent, local Philly-lovers - we couldn't be #1 on TripAdvisor without them! Whoever your guide is, you're sure to have a fantastic time, hear incredible stories and history, feel safe and confident, and make a new friend.