About Us

  Andy started the company in 2009, with a van and a whole lot of passion, and Jason joined him a year later to design our new Urban Adventures walking tours.  Since then we've grown to our current size and shape through a mix of enthusiasm, a love for the City of Philadelphia, and a heartfelt belief that it's all about making sure our travelers have the best time!  Our top ranking on Trip Advisor and other review sites is testament to that.  Thanks to all our customers for sharing their views.

In 2014, we opened the Philly Tour Hub at 229 Arch Street, as a location dedicated to providing a friendly and fun place to hang out, for travelers and locals to connect and share stories and knowledge. 

Our Philadelphia team is a knowledgeable, passionate and energetic group, dedicated to making sure that our Awfully Nice travelers get the most out of their Philly experience. We come from a variety of backgrounds and parts of the world, with shared passions for travel, local culture, history, food, music, art and architecture. Above all we want you to leave Philadelphia with a love for the City that you will share with others when you get home! 

Andy | President & Tour Guide
I was born in England and lived there for many years, both in South London and in the historic city of Winchester. I spent some of my school years in Singapore and in Germany, and my early professional years in Vancouver, Canada and moved to Philadelphia in 1994. My love for travel has taken me to almost 50 countries and over 30 States, but the longest time I have spent in one place, by far, is Philadelphia, my children having studied at schools in the city, as well as over the bridge in New Jersey. Having always been interested in the history of the United States, it was a simple step to studying how the city of Philadelphia has been such an important part of all the major developments that have taken place, from the early days of William Penn, to the Revolutionary War, to Independence, the Industrial Revolution, the Civil War, the railways and on and on. 

Now you may ask what a Brit is doing giving guided tours of Philadelphia? Well, I am passionate about the city and its history and want others to experience everything that is good about it. I have always been a devout traveler, both in my personal and business life and I know a lot about what people want when they go to a new place. I know that I can provide visitors with a unique experience that is missing in the city. The kind of service we offer is available in many international cities and countries, cities like Rome and countries such as Israel, where the availability of tour guides, who provide a personal experience for you and your friends or family, is commonplace. In Philly, though, we’re quite unique!
Jeremy | Tour Guide

I was born and raised in Ohio where I attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated from The Ohio State University with a BA in Geography. I moved to Philadelphia in 2007 to attend graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania.  Since, graduating with a Master’s of City and Regional Planning I have worked at Penn in the School of Design and as a freelance geographic data analyst. 

I joined Urban Adventures/Awfully Nice Tours in the summer of 2011 as an outlet for my desire to show off the city that I have come to love.  Ever since visiting Philadelphia as kid with my family I was drawn to the city, this feeling grew when I moved here to start school.  Philadelphia's intrinsic history, walkable neighborhoods and constant bustling has made it one of my favorite places and I hope one of yours. On my tours I enjoy tying in parts of the 300 year history of the city with how Philadelphians live today. In addition to giving tours I also enjoy sampling the cast restaurant scene and exploring the city and region by bike.  

Josh | Tour Guide

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where I developed a passion for urban history and historic landmarks from adolescence on.  This passion and the joy of wandering through cities led me naturally to Urban Adventures’ pursuit of Philadelphia neighborhoods and “off-the-standard-route” places in its tours.  Along the way, I have received a history degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania, and I have worked in recent years as a tour guide in various capacities and a part-time American history instructor at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Trevor | Tour Guide

I grew up in Allentown, the third largest city in PA. I came to Philly to attend Temple University where I received a BA in history and anthropology. I had the opportunity to study at Temple's Tokyo campus and traveled throughout Japan. I also spent some time studying in Saarbrucken, Germany as a teenager. My favorite traveling stats are that I've been to hot springs in three countries and to every National Park in California.

I am a big history nerd and have had a variety of tour guide and museum jobs. I give a wide array of tours and talks, and work part time at Bartram's Garden, America's oldest botanic garden dating back to 1728. I especially enjoy historic sites that are hidden, forgotten, or include nature. I belong to a community garden, ride a bicycle, compost, and generally try to be nice to the Earth. I'm proud to live in and show off such a scenic and historic city, and really enjoy the great green spaces we have. Our craft beer isn't too shabby either!

Clint | Tour Guide

Clint joined Philadelphia Urban Adventures/Awfully Nice Tours in 2012. He's been a Philly know-it-all for his entire life, and he enjoys having a professional outlet for sharing his enthusiasm and insight into the city's past, present, and future. Clint grew up in Center City's Fitler Square neighborhood, left for college, and eventually returned for graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a degree in City Planning. He recently moved to the up and coming Fishtown neighborhood where he enjoys frequenting the bars and restaurants that seem to open weekly. His favorite Philly experiences are a run on the Schuylkill River, a hike in the Wissahickon, a 3-hour lunch crawl through Reading Terminal, and a great cocktail at One Tippling Place on Sunday nights, where his musician father Mark Randall tickles the ivories. 

Owen | Segway Tour Guide

Born in the cradle of liberty, Owen has spent much of his life a student of Philadelphia history and culture. His very first school project was are enactment of the historic Battle of Edge Hill, (a precursor to Valley Forge) for which he got a B+.

Owen splits most of his time between showing off his home town and producing live shows such as the popular “History…done Funny”. He recently returned from FringeWorld Australia where he performed the crowd favorite: “Chatterbox and the Proper Abuse of Language”. In his free time Owen enjoys traveling to places he’s never been to before. He also likes sharks and motorcycles.

Jason | Director of Operations & Tour Guide
I was born and raised in Newburgh, NY, in the Hudson Valley region of New York, about 60 miles north of New York City. I graduated from Penn State University in 2002 with degrees in Labor & Employment Relations and Psychology, and then graduated from Villanova Law School in 2005. After practicing law for 3 years at a non-profit, I joined Philadelphia Urban Adventures to pursue my passion and desire to work in the travel industry. 

My love for travel has brought me to 8 foreign countries, 43 states, and most of the Canadian Provinces. The summer after I finished college, I took a 3 month road trip with high school friends camping, hiking, and traveling the back roads of the United States. We covered almost 20,000 miles driving mostly the perimeter of the country. I've been addicted to travel ever since and nothing brings me more excitement than exploring a new place for the first time. 

While law school brought me to Philadelphia, the city itself has kept me here for almost a decade now. I very quickly fell in love with the history, culture, arts, entertainment, energy, and people of Philadelphia. I'm eager to show off everything the city has to offer through our tours. Our goal is to make our travelers’ tours unique and memorable, and to give a perspective of Philadelphia unlike any other.

Gabby | Marketing Manager

I was born in Winchester, England, and moved to Moorestown, New Jersey when I was about 3 years old. Growing up next to Philly was a blessing in disguise. At a young age, I didn't particularly know much about it, but I eventually learned to truly love this historical, vibrant and buzzing city. I attended school at Wake Forest University for my BA in Communications, and have always had a real passion for marketing and advertising. 

Awfully Nice Tours is everything you need in a tour company. A wonderful group of tour guides, all with a deep rooted love of the City and for travel, and wide variety of tours and activities for all ages. I realize I'm trying to sell the company in my own bio, but what can I say? I'm a marketer at heart!

Chuck | Tour Guide

Hey There! I was born and raised in Philadelphia and attended the University of Pennsylvania where I have degrees in Sociology, Urban Studies and Environmental Studies. I've traveled throughout Europe, including Portugal, Spain and Italy and I have spent summers in Amsterdam, Vancouver, Prague, and Paris. And although I love exploring the world, I'm proud to call South Philadelphia my home of over 15 years. I enjoy showing off the city and exploring many of it's hidden treasures while meeting new people, making recommendations, finding the perfect place to eat or discovering what makes Philadelphia such a special place to explore and live. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Chris | Tour Guide

I was born-and-raised in Philly and therefore always called this city my home. Many people come to realize that Philly is an amazing city, but I knew that from the start. I grew up right in the heart of Center City Philadelphia and attended a well-regarded public school in the city, J.R. Masterman, for middle and high school. I went on to attend the University of Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania’s second best city, where I graduated with a degree in U.S. History and Political Science. During my time there, I took a semester at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland where I developed a strong desire to travel. However, I moved back to Philadelphia to be my base of operations for all of my future endeavors.

As I began looking into graduate schools, I took a job as a tour guide and I haven’t looked back since! I am currently enrolled in Saint Joseph’s University to receive my Masters degree in Education so that I can further my goal of presenting top-of-the line history to both students and adults alike. The bottom line is that if there is one thing that I love more than history and Philadelphia, it’s TELLING you about history and Philadelphia. I can promise you that it will include all of the wonderful biases that come with being a true born-and-raised Philadelphian.

Marianne | Tour Guide

Marianne is a writer and video producer originally from Scranton, PA, who came to Philadelphia by way of Washington, DC; Novosibirsk and Moscow (Russia); Miami; and Los Angeles. Since she believes strongly in experiencing the best any city she lives in has to offer (and since beach volleyball is no longer an option), she opted to immerse herself in Philly's rich history. What better way to force herself to learn than to become a tour guide? She loves telling stories and Philly has some good ones! When not giving walking tours or zipping around the City on a segway, she can be found scarfing down all the pork belly she can get her hands on.

Alex | Tour Guide

Alex joined Philadelphia Urban Adventures/Awfully Nice Tours in 2009. He is passionate about urban life and history here in Philadelphia.  Alex has a graduate degree in Historic Preservation and works on projects throughout the nation and here in Philadelphia.  Some of his favorite places in the city are the Reading Terminal Market, PSFS Building, and Washington Square. You may see him out enjoying a walk through one of the city's historic neighborhoods. He loves to shop in the Italian Market, and his favorite food there is Tomato Pie from Sarcone's Bakery. On his tours Alex loves to highlight not just the city's rich history, but how that history is an integral and living part of today's Philadelphia.